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A Biltmore Estate Wedding: You Ain’t Gonna Die Alone



“Hey There, it’s all gonna be fine.  You ain’t gonna die alone.  You ain’t gonna be forgotten.”

The Punch Brothers      The Phosphorescent Blues  “Forgotten

Will anyone care when I die?  Will anyone remember me?  How will I go?

These lyrics give me great comfort as I try to think about what matters in life.  I often think about my life and if what I do has any real merit, if anyone actually cares, or if we are all just selfishly clawing through life digging our way into our own graves.  These lies and questions are quite self sabotaging because I occasionally buy into them.  I need someone to help remind me of who I am and to remind me of the value I bring to the world.

I am a strong supporter of the institution of marriage.  Whether its two dudes, two ladies, or a man and a lady, I believed that when you find a person who will never leave your side, you better hang on to that person for dear life.  We all mess up, make mistakes, and in general struggle through all of life’s decisions.  That’s why we need a partner to help remind us of all the good we do.  Just the other day Katie told me she loves how involved I am with our two little girls.  In my mind, being uninvolved means missing out on the amazing relationships I could be having with two amazing little people.  Invest in your partner.  Invest in your family.  The reciprocal nature of being involved, encouraging, and being optimistic constantly sees a return in kind.

Everything is going to be okay.  There are stresses in everyone’s life.  We are like endless pits of worry and anxiety.  What we do, the way in which care for and treat other people in our lives greatly effects our happiness.  It seems as though the areas of life where I am rigid and unyielding, are the areas in which I am the least happy.  And to the counter, the areas in which I am kind and giving, I find that I am much happier.  It would seem to be a simple formula; continually give of yourself and your gifts to others, and you will be happy.  This is much harder to put into practice and is something I struggle with daily.

I will not die alone.  My family will be there for me, and more importantly I need to be there for them.  To die alone to me means to be unloved, meaning no one really cares if I’m gone.  I want to leave behind a legacy of kindness, generosity, and love.

I will not be forgotten.  Sure in 1000 years, no one will remember me, and I’m okay with that.  I don’t know those people, those futuristic wierdies, with their weird clothes, but the people I do know, the ones I care about most, will never forget me, and that is a thought that gives me great comfort.


Biltmore Estate Champagne Cellar Wedding

Hair and Makeup By Heather (Heather Ellison)

Flowers:  Two Buds and a Blossom

Event Planning:  Firefly Event Company

Catering:  Biltmore Estate

Cake: Biltmore Estate




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