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Watering Your Relationships


We are all very busy individuals wouldn’t you say?  We lead busy lives and we are inundated by the business of others.  We can find out what someone just had for dinner by checking their Twitter or Instagram feeds.  We live in a world full of distractions and business.  What happens when we slow down long enough to stop and ask ourselves what it all means? Are we just bored, do we have to constantly be fed by the machines of industry and entertainment?  Sometimes I feel like an insatiable pit that can’t devour enough content, distraction, or things that pull me from what truly matters.  Deep down we all want to know that we matter, or that there is some aspect of our lives that matter.  Many of us bury ourselves into our work to prove what we do matters.  Work in and of itself is a good thing, but when we turn it into our means of escape, fulfillment, or identity we are missing out on what we are working for.

What truly matters and something we often neglect is our relationships.  Where we put our time and what we put our time into gives insight into what we place the most value on.  Why is it that we often choose work, entertainment, and escape over important relationships?  Because it’s easier.  Relationships can be tough.  Just ask my two year old, she will tell you.  I am not saying you should do the opposite and begin to neglect work and things you enjoy.  I am saying that we must water and feed our relationships in order for them to grow.  I will be the first to say I suck at gardening, but think about your relationships with people as a flower.  If you don’t water it, treat it with care, and commit to making sure it grows healthily (yep that’s a word), then it will die.  Our relationships are the same.  If we don’t take the time to commit to those we claim to love the most, then those relationships will die or be severely damaged.  Please know too that in these posts I am speaking mostly to myself.  I don’t claim to have any of this down and I simply want to pass on these struggles I deal with and the things that help me to work through issues rather than dwell on them.  This relationship analogy was shared with a friend of mine from our pastor Dave Desforge, check out his blog (super wise dude).  I am simply piggy backing on his ideas and what I learned from their situation.  So today, I encourage you to water a relationship that is a little bit dry and continue to water it as often as you can so it will produce something beautiful.


Venue: High Vista Country Club

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