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Valentine’s Art

Katie sat down with Afton at the most random time (Afton’s typical nap time) and had Afton paint Valentine’s Day cards.  Mind you Valentine’s Day is 5 days away and we never do anything special for Valentine’s day in the May house.  At first it slightly bothered me because I was thinking this could be done at any other time all while totally neglecting Afton’s joy at creating artwork for both her grandmothers.  I realized too, that my wife is great at creating meaningful and memorable moments for our family.  She is a planner, a go getter, and sometimes she gets me out of my mundane, usual boring routine.  She just adds a little bit of spice to our lives and I love that quality about her.  I had two different edits so I included both of them.

1 Afton Paint Hands webPIN2 Afton Paint Hands webPIN

  • Katie May

    It amazes me how photography can capture normal everyday life and make it a spectacular, memorable piece of art. Thanks for snagging this photo even though it was an “odd” time for painting valentines.ReplyCancel

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