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Top 5 Fall Activites

I recently encouraged you to get out and spend more time with your loved ones.  Here are 5 things you can do this fall to enjoy the season with the people you love the most.

1.  Go Pick Apples at an Apple Orchard

What better fall activity to hang with your family or significant other than picking apples at an orchard.  The Hendersonville area is chock full of orchards.  We decided to go to Sky Top Orchard in Zirconia/Flat Rock.  They have amazing doughnuts.  You cannot leave without getting some doughnuts.

Apple Orchard Fun-18PIN

2.  Oktoberfest: Find a Sitter and Get You Some Good Craft Beer. Cheers!!

I know this technically goes against what I’ve said about spending more time with family, but sometimes you need to remember what it was like to just enjoy your spouse and to focus on that relationship.  And some festivals allow kids, just drink a little less and enjoy the music and your family.  There are plenty of beer festivals and plenty of places to get great craft beer.  Everybody does a Pumpkin Ale, Wicked Weed has 4 Pumpkin Ales.  LAB has a tasty Chocolate Pumpkin Porter and plenty of other offerings.

10 Wicked Weed Brewing webPIN


3.  Go for a Hike: Craggy, Black Balsam, Sam’s Knob, Looking Glass Rock, John’s Rock, Max Patch

If you’ve never been to the places I listed above, pick one, google it, get directions and GO.  We live in an amazing area and the fall color, cool air and amazing trails make for an amazing hiking adventure.  To top it all off, many of the hikes around here have amazing waterfalls to check out as well.  Not a hiker? Grab your mountain bike and hit up a trail or at least ride up the parkway and check out some of the pull-offs.

1 Through the Looking Glass webPIN

4.   Have a Halloween Party or Go to One:

Get involved in the holiday by dressing up and going to a party or trick-or-treating with your kiddos.  A friend of mine who lives in Hendersonville does an amazing themed event every year for his trick-or-treaters.  He lives on Justice Street in Hendersonville if you want to check it out.  This year he is constructing a giant ship that will take up his whole front yard and having an entire pirate theme with his own hand made costume.  Kids are allowed on the ship.  This is THE place to go if you live anywhere near Hendersonville.

Afty Cat Scared the Mouse-1PIN


I am not simply saying this because this is how I make a living.  I am saying this because it is important to capture life memories.  Life is precious and fleeting.  Yes, we have a million snapshots of our children on our phones, but what about getting those moments or sides of your child’s personality that only a professional can capture?  What about you actually being in the photos with your child instead of just the child themselves?  Some of my favorite photos are of my daughter and I in which someone captured that special bond between Afton and me.


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