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This Is 30…Age With Grace

I am 30. In fact I just turned 30 yesterday. I’ve been a little bit down because I had hoped to have accomplished more by the time I was 30.  However, sometimes our perceptions of ourselves are not entirely accurate. I guess you could call it a quarter life crisis, but as I was getting closer to 30 I was feeling like, “Man, what have I accomplished?” My mother reminded me in a birthday card of exactly what I have accomplished.  This is what she wrote: “Look at all you have accomplished in 30 years! Beautiful wife, gorgeous daughter, homeowner, own your own business! You must of had great parents! We are so proud of you and the life you lead. Keep up the good work! Love you, Mama.”  Moms have a way of saying thing we need to hear the most, we don’t even realize that we need to hear it.

I think that we all want to feel like we have had an impact on this world in a positive way. Sometimes it’s harder for us to see all the accomplishments we’ve made and the positive impact we’ve had in this world. This post is less about my accomplishments and more about you realizing the positive impact that you are having on the world. If you don’t know what that impact is, ask someone close to you whom you love and trust. The answers may surprise you, or be glaringly obvious and something that you simply overlooked.

As we age, we need to do so with grace.  We need to be less critical of ourselves and focus that energy into helping others and knowing that the world needs people like us.  So, ask yourself or ask a loved one, what it is that you uniquely contribute to this world.  As I age, I want to live out of a place of contribution rather than insecurity about not having done enough.

One of the ways in which I want to contribute uniquely is by providing people with content that they care about.  Whether it’s photography, videography, or some sort of digital art, one of my goals is to show people their impact on the world through the content I provide.  So grab a loved one and tell them just what they mean to you and to the world.


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