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The Most Valuable Lesson to Teach Your Children


One of the biggest things I want Afton to know and to learn as she grows is that there are unlimited possibilities or her, for what she wants to do, who she wants to be, and the value that she wants to bring to the world.  My biggest goal as a dad is to foster these possibilities within her and to support her along the way in whatever she decides she wants to do.  I want Afton to know that if she can imagine something, then it can be made possible.  Afton loves princesses, much like every other little girl, but she specifically loves Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled.  Afton will act out scenes from the movie and quote it all the time.  She even has me stand at the top of the stairs sometimes and has me “let down my hair.”  Children’s imaginations are a beautiful thing and something that must be encouraged.  I decided I wanted to make Afton’s daydreams and her imagination come to life.  So we went up on the side of a mountain and did a Rapunzel themed photo shoot. I ended up creating a shot very similar to what was in my head.  This was a really small thing, but what I want Afton to glean from this photo, is that the world is full of possibilities and that she can make anything happen if she wants to.  She just needs to believe in herself and to work hard to achieve her dreams.  I know it sounds cliche, but that is what I want for my kids.  What do you want for yours?



“Here comes the smolder.”


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