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Remember When…

It’s a short post today… Last year around this time I wrote a post about going to the fair and learning to get outside of my selfishness to enjoy my family.  You can’t say you’ve learned something if you don’t actually put it into practice.  I can say that I actually did learn something, because this year I was super excited to take Afton to the fair.  We got to go hang out and be with my parents, her cousin Ava Caroline, and my sister Sarah.  I just love spending time with my family and it was such a joy to get to see Afton and AC hanging out and growing up together.  As a photographer I have always had a rule to not be so busy capturing life that I miss out on it, and the experiences I could be having.  I do a pretty good job following that rule, but I think what I am realizing is photos have a special power to them in that they make us think back to a different time in our lives, where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  My encouragement to you is to take more photos.  They don’t have to be spectacular.  Just capture the memory.  Our whole adventure wasn’t smiles and roses (I don’t think that’s a real saying), but the kiddos got tired, cried, some dude knocked Afton over and she dropped her pretzels and proceeded to bawl.  Take the good with the bad and enjoy the people you love the most.  The journey is fun because it is hard and because it is rewarding.  It is true for your marriage, your kids, and your parents.  Life is tough, but the thing that makes it easier and better is having people that love, support, and count on you.  Family.  And, no it doesn’t have to be blood, family can be a best friend or a group of people who you can trust.  Hold on to those relationships and capture them for Pete’s sake.

Pro Tip for Capturing Amazing Fair Photos:  Photograph the subject when it is not moving.  The majority of the keepers I had were from shots I took while the rides weren’t actually moving.  Take some shots while they are moving too because their expression will be different, but you will get the cleanest, sharpest photos when they are waiting to ride the ride.  Also, just let them do their thing.  You get better natural expressions than them simply “cheesing” at the camera. Go when the light is going to be best.  2 hours before sunset is a nice time to go or on an overcast day.  Also, shoot wide open (low F-Stop number F4 or wider, 2.8 looks great!!).  That’s like 5 tips folks.  Do something you enjoy with your family and snap a shot when no one is looking.


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