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Black Balsam Engagement Photography: Be Yourself

Black Balsam is by far my favorite location to take couples and even families for engagement photos or a fun family

Biltmore Estate Proposal: Truest Love Knows No Shame

Devin proposed to his love and partner Eddie at the Biltmore Estate.  Biltmore Estate proposals have become a bit of a

MeadowBrook Farm Wedding: What We Can Do With An Hour For Creative Shots

Katelin and Todd had an amazingly beautiful wedding at Meadowbrook Farm Bed and Breakfast in Suffolk, Virginia.  But

Embrace The Rain: A Biltmore Estate Engagement

You’ve spent the money, you’ve made all the plans.  You’ve hired the photographer to capture your wedding, Biltmore

Biltmore Estate Proposal Magic

I have somewhat become the Biltmore Estate Proposal Photographer guy as of late.  This is totally fine by me.  The

Biltmore Estate Proposal: Don’t Let Your Man Bulge Give You Away

If you are preparing for a proposal at the Biltmore Estate, you do not want to be walking around the grounds with any

Maximize Your Biltmore Estate Visit

Planning Your Day at Biltmore  If you are planning a couples session, engagement session, or even a proposal at

The Farm In Candler Wedding: That Would Be Enough

The Farm in Candler is one of my favorite wedding venues in the Asheville area.  The lighting is great and

3 Tips for Your Family Photography Session

Many people have never had a photo session with a professional photographer.  Sure, we have all had our photos taken at

A Grove Park Inn Wedding: Celebrate This Life

Maggie and Kevin’s Grove Park Inn wedding got me to thinking about how much we need to celebrate life and

A Crest Center Wedding: To Be Rather Than To Seem

The North Carolina state motto is “to be rather than to seem”.  My high school friend, Jessica is the embodiment of

10 Things To NEVER Say To A Pregnant Woman

Sometimes we say dumb things.  Sometimes we say things we don’t actually mean, but why are pregnant women the

A Max Patch Wedding: Reconnect By Living In The Moment

It’s not until I am up on a mountainside, taking in all the beauty and simplicity of the world, that I realize

How To Crush Your Biltmore Estate Proposal

So far 100% of the proposals I have photographed have been at the Biltmore Estate.  It is a super romantic place that

A Biltmore Estate Wedding: You Ain’t Gonna Die Alone

“Hey There, it’s all gonna be fine.  You ain’t gonna die alone.  You ain’t gonna be forgotten.” –The

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

10 Things I’ve learned in 10 years of marriage, and a bonus going into this year. That makes 11.  I got all acronym-y

Black Balsam Family Session: Focus. Focus. Focus…Squirrel

Why is it so difficult to juggle life?  Having two kiddos now, I am definitely feeling the constant push and pull of

In Sickness and in Health

42 Years ago my dad made a vow to mom.  He promised to love her in sickness and in health, to have and to hold

AMP Website Relaunch and Spring Giveaway

I have been working my buns off on making my website as streamlined, clean, and easy to navigate as possible.  With

The Daughter I Didn’t Want

It feels odd saying it, but I didn’t really ever want Isla.  Not Isla specifically, but any second child at all. 

“It’s Not In The Budget”: INVEST IN ART

I am a firm believer that we allocate money and that we make time for what is important to us.  Another way of saying

Incentivizing Your Children

You don’t have to bribe your children to get them to behave, but sometimes it really does help to incentivize them

Black Balsam Engagement Photography: Leaving Your Legacy

What do you want your legacy to be?  Even if you don’t read the rest of this post, think about that question

Bucking Tradition

Venue, invitations, flowers, catering, dress, decisions, decisions, decisions.  Sometimes planning a wedding can be a

How to Treat a Lady

What do little girls need most from their father?  No, it’s not for dads to answer the door in their underwear

Proposal Series Part 3: Take a Moment for Just the Two of You

This is one of my favorite parts.  Whether you hire me or hire someone else, you need to make sure you have a moment

Why Have a Bridal Session?

A bridal session is like a test run of everything…Hair, make-up, the dress, and yes, the photographer.  A bridal

Proposal Series Part 2: Implement & STICK TO THE PLAN

Proposal series part 2 is short and sweet.  You already have a solid plan in place, now STICK TO IT.  I know this

Proposal Series Part 1: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

Why are professional proposal photos such a trending thing nowadays?  Well, for one, it is capturing a moment that is

Unique, Sacred Grief: A Story of Pregnancy Loss

Guest Post Written By my Wife, Katie May Photos By Mozingo Photography During our family photo session with Meriah, we