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Railroad Track Wagon Adventure

So this was one of those sessions where you can plan ahead as much as want, but when you get to shooting, things don’t always work out as you had planned.  As part of the Afty Winter Series, I thought it would be cool to get some very old and rustic looking shots of Afton on the railroad tracks.  I drove past them this morning and the way the snow looked on the tracks was awesome.  It was just the right amount, not too little or too much.  When I finally got Afton dressed and over to where I wanted to shoot, I didn’t really like the location.  So we drove around, with Afton crying mostly because she has been in the car a lot today.  We get to the perfect spot and pretty much all of the snow has melted off the tracks.  I brought an old radio flyer wagon to add interest to the photos and to hopefully make Afton interested and to keep her stationary.  As soon as I put her in the wagon, she started bawling.  She was not having it at all.  I tried singing to her and it just made her more mad.  I would take her out of the wagon, get her settled down and then as soon as I would try to put her down or set her back in the wagon, the tears and screaming would begin again.  I just decided to take some shots of the wagon by itself, because I thought all was lost.  And then I had the epiphany to give her rocks to throw.  I placed her back in the wagon and put a bunch of railroad rocks in the wagon.  Sometimes all you need is a good distraction.  I am pretty stubborn and determined and I did not want to leave those tracks without a shot of my girl.  So after all the craziness I was finally able to get her to comply by simply giving her some rocks.  I took about 70 photos and maybe 6 or 7 of them she wasn’t crying in.  Oh well, all I needed was one good one.  Enjoy.


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