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Proposal Series Part 3: Take a Moment for Just the Two of You


This is one of my favorite parts.  Whether you hire me or hire someone else, you need to make sure you have a moment to yourself without the photographer around.  A moment where you can take it all in.  A moment that is just between the two of you.  One of the great things about a proposal session, is that it immediately turns into an engagement session.  Unless, of course she says no, and then I sheepishly walk away.  I’m totally kidding.  Before we roam around taking photos for the next hour, it is super important that you have your moment together without a photographer dictating what you do.  Some photogs have egos and like to make shoots about themselves.  This is about your promise and your moment to enjoy, so specify verbally or in your contract that you would like to have a minute alone after you propose. Once you are good, give me the signal and we will go create some magic together.

John and Rachel Asheville Proposal Engagement Photographer Andrew May Photography-5PIN


  • Katie

    Love the tree shots! Especially the one where the yellow frames the outside of the frame! Love the ring shots too!ReplyCancel


      You gotta highlight that bling. Also, this was super late in the fall and the ginkgo tree was absolutely gorgeous, one of the few that still had such vibrant colors. It made for some pretty photos.ReplyCancel

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