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Getting Your Man Excited About a Photo Session

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So to be completely honest 9 times out of 10 guys would much rather be doing anything than showing up for a photo session.  I have had a number of guys show up and admit afterwards that they weren’t excited at all about the photo session, but that they actually had a ton of fun.  When I first met Kramer he hopped into my car and said, “I hate having my pictures made.”  It wasn’t said maliciously or in a bitter way, he was just stating the facts so I knew where we stood.  I just smiled at him and told him that I didn’t love having my picture taken either, while in my head I’m thinking, this guy is going to get to be smooching and loving up on his fiance for the next hour, he is going to love me by the time this is all over.  Now, let me pause for a second…everything I am about to share is applicable to dad’s who aren’t big into the idea of getting dressed up and spending time in front of a camera with their crazy kiddos.  I am going to give you the very best tip and the biggest secret of all first…

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Us fellas are willing to do ANYTHING for our sweet ladies.  If that means shaving, dressing up, and feeling awkward in front of a camera for an hour we will do it, because when it comes down to it if we know something is important to you, we are willing to go to the ends of the earth to make our gal happy.  PLAY THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

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The way in which you present the idea to him is key.  Tell him rather than ask him.  I know that sounds rude, but hear me out.  Simply tell your man that this is what we are doing, “we are going to get our photos taken on such and such date.”  This will go much better than you asking him if he wants to get photos taken, because a lot of men just don’t want to have their photos taken.  This will help you avoid the argument that you know you are going to win in the end anyway.  That being said, BE ASSERTIVE and tell him what’s up.

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The great thing about photos is that your joy is visibly shown and later you can view it from an outsiders perspective.  You don’t know what it looks like for yourself to be joyful, you only know what it feels like to be joyful.  It is amazing when that is captured for you and your fella to look at as a reminder of that passion you have for one another.  I have yet to meet a man who looked at the photos or at the experience with Andrew May Photography and just did not give a rip about what is truly going on.  A moment in time in which you are able to look back on and say, “I made the right choice in choosing you.”  Men can seem very into their hobbies such as hunting, fishing, homebrewing, and may not seem to even think about their love for you.  The reality is that love, passion, and joy are all important things to men, we just need a reminder sometimes and a permission to be slightly vulnerable.

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Bribery not only works on children, it works on grown men as well.  Make the session seem more like a date than something they are being forced to do.  Offer to go get a pint afterwards, or to take him to his favorite restaurant, or offer to do something that is interesting to him that you may care nothing about (like going to see that new movie at the theatre that seems like a total dude fest).  Love is about give and take and if you are expecting your man to show up, look pretty, and smile, then make it worth his while in some way.  You’ll find that he will end up having fun during the photo session anyway, and so will you.

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