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Constantly Learning

Just because you make money at something doesn’t mean that you prop your feet up and rest on your laurels.  If you want to get better or even become the best at something, you have to continue to pursue it daily, and be constantly learning.  I went to a workshop in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend and learned some new lighting techniques.  Who knew you could get gorgeous lighting using a $3.00 shower curtain to diffuse the light?  I got to work with some amazing models to try out these new techniques. I have definitely been working on my game in the flash and lighting department.  Now, I will say that although these models are quite beautiful, I still had to do some post work on their skin.  We all have the same problems (zits, scars, uneven skin).  I’ll just say that nobody’s skin is this soft, including these models, so don’t let this make you feel less secure about yourself.  Here are the results of what I learned…


So, the shot below was super interesting to me.  I just kept shooting in different ways to see varied results.  The technique is a one light technique with a rim light set up just behind the subject and a white reflector on their backside.  It works best as a profile (side shot of someone).  I didn’t get to try out the technique on the ladies, but it looked really edgy and cool on Jeremy.


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