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Choose Kindness


Something I try to do with photography is improve people’s self worth, self value, and for them to see how truly beautiful they are and to see the beauty of life in general.  A wedding day is a time for that beauty to shine.  The best part is getting to capture the love between two people and the community of family and friends that support them.  Every time I pick up my camera I learn something new, however at this wedding I learned something from the people and not about photography. Kimberley and Grant showed me the value in simply being kind and surrounding yourself with people who are uplifting.  When I was heading home for the night I felt very much alive, like you feel when you know that everything is going to be okay.  This has been a difficult year for me and my family for a number of reasons, but I just got a true sense of being at peace with things.  I think being around such a wonderful group of people made me hopeful again.

Kimberley and Grant are very genuine and the people who they have invested in have given that love right back to them.  My encouragement to everyone and to myself is to make the most of this life.  We have the ability to make choices and we can choose kindness and love over anger, hatred, and jealousy.  Often we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our own lives that we neglect others and end up feeling lonely and empty as a result.  Let’s choose to help someone else out, or choose to invest more in a relationship, a friendship, a marriage, a sibling or parent.  Life matters, and our choices matter.  Choose kindness.  Choose to help others.  Choose to be genuine.  Thanks Kimberley and Grant, for teaching me this lesson.


Hair and Makeup: Cassie Bradley, Halcyon Salon in Shelby, NC
Flowers: Springvine Design
Catering: Sherry Caward
DJ: Mike Harris
Venue: The Salsbury’s Home (Aunt and Uncle’s home)


Yep, the best man (also the groom’s father) wouldn’t let this ring out of his sight.  He hung out with me the whole time while I was getting the ring shots.  I totally understand.  This man takes his job seriously.


This was a fun first look with the bridesmaids.


My wife got this shot shot below of these ladies praying.  It’s one of my favorite shots from the day.  It just tells a real interesting story about the amazing people that Kimberley surrounds herself with.


Kimberley’s first look with her father.


These ladies were anxiously awaiting the first look between the bride and groom.  They certainly had an excellent view from above.


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