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Bucking Tradition

Venue, invitations, flowers, catering, dress, decisions, decisions, decisions.  Sometimes planning a wedding can be a complete stress and can be about pleasing and accommodating others rather than doing what YOU want.  If all the decisions and expense seem stressful and like something you don’t want to deal with, a small intimate wedding may be just the thing for you.  I love weddings of all kinds, big, small, crazy, laid back, fancy, bbq; it all has a place.  It is 2016 though, and there is no rule book for how your wedding has to be.  So my encouragement to all brides is to do what YOU want, not what tradition says, not what mom or dad say, not what you think the people coming want.  It is your day so make it yours.  All aspects of the wedding should be fun, including the planning.  This is not to say that your wedding has to be small in order for it to be intimate or worth while.  I am saying that it’s easy to lose what the main focus of a wedding day should be, which is a celebration of the couple getting married and a focus on what is important to the couple.

Emily and Chris decided to have a smaller wedding with just family up on a mountainside in Luck NC.  Not, only was it gorgeous, but the vibe was super intimate.  I also got a full hour to do creative shots with them.  We drove all over the property and grabbed photos in beautiful locations.  The day truly got to be about Emily and Chris, about them being together and about their relationship.  The following night they got to celebrate with friends at The Barn at Honeysuckle Hill for their reception.  Decide what is right for you and your significant other.  Go big, go small, do what is best for you, just make sure you hire someone to capture it.


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