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Blackmor Maternity Session

So this sweet baby boy finally came into this world. And I can finally break my silence as to what the name is.  This couple decided that they didn’t want to share the name until their son was actually born. But during their maternity photo session they had the idea of using sign language in a picture with the belly to show the name. So I have known all this time what the name was going to be, but could not share it with anyone. I love the name they chose. In fact it was a name that my wife and I had already chosen for our second born child who hasn’t even been conceived. We like to plan ahead.

His name is EDEN. Check out the second photo on the blog post, if you understand sign language you’ll be able to read that it says Eden. If you don’t read sign language, I just told you the name. His older sister Salem is one of the easiest children to photograph in the world. You don’t have to try very hard to get a good shot of Salem. Her personality is so bubbly and fun and it always comes out so well in photographs. I ended up using a couple of my test shots (photos where I’m simply getting a light reading and checking my settings) of her because they turned out so cute. This is an amazing family and we are glad to know them and proud to be their friends. Newborn session of Eden soon follow.


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