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Black Balsam Engagement Photography: Be Yourself


Black Balsam is by far my favorite location to take couples and even families for engagement photos or a fun family hike.  If I were to give one piece of advice to people who have booked a session or a wedding with Andrew May Photography it would be to just be yourself.  You don’t have to perform or live up to some standard of romance.  Just be you…

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  -Gil Bailie.  Be you.  Don’t be what everyone else wants you to be or what they expect of you.  Why is it some daring or bold notion to be yourself?  When you are fully you, without holding back you allow yourself to be vulnerable, your guard is down.  But, it is also the easiest way to let people into your life and to truly connect with others.  I know it sounds cliche to say, however it is anything but cliche to actually implement.

My biggest encouragement to people on a session is to just be yourselves.  I have no problem directing couples, but I have found that some of the best photos are when I totally don’t give any direction and the couple takes control.  You know what makes each other tick, you know what to say to get the other person laughing.  I have found that the more I am myself, the more it gives people permission to feel like they can be themselves.  Yep, I make dick jokes on my photo sessions sometimes in order to get a chuckle out of a couple.  My job is to focus on the connection between a couple, as well as my connection to them.  I can’t connect with them if I am acting like a stiff, or if they are. 

If you have tattoos, roll your sleeves up and rock those bitches.  Josh had some killer tattoos as he is big into fishing.  I don’t know much about fishing and I get super seasick, but we were able to talk about his interests and who he is.  Most people feel a little self conscious when we start a session.  It takes a few minutes to realize that this is just a fun outing that includes a third wheel who actually happens to be capturing the whole thing.  But, why am I capturing it?  Why did you hire me?  Because it is important to remember.  It is important to remember a time when you didn’t have children, or the young googley eyed love you used to have for one another, or the fact that you are worth fighting for and sharing a life with. 

Be you.  There is only one you, and that is who I want to capture.  I don’t want to capture some tame version of you.  Let lose, throw aside the inhibitions and get intimate with your sweet love.  Maybe your not super kissy, or maybe you just consider yourself awkward.  Well, I can capture that as well.  We can focus on the silly side of your relationship, the serious side, and sometimes even the intimate side.   


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