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Biltmore Estate Proposal: Don’t Let Your Man Bulge Give You Away


If you are preparing for a proposal at the Biltmore Estate, you do not want to be walking around the grounds with any unnatural bulges sticking out, like a giant ring box with a diamond in it.  When guys or gals propose, they have to be very secretive.  There is nothing that will give you away worse than a giant diamond box giving you an insanely unnatural bulge.  This is one of the things guys sweat the most when trying to plan for their proposal.  They don’t want to get caught, and the giant box that is given to you when you purchase the ring is a dead give away.  The alternative is to have the ring hanging loosely in your pocket, which totally scares most guys.  But, there is a solution.  There is something called a slim box.

When purchasing your ring, see if there is the option for a slim box.  They have them on Amazon, but it costs almost $100 for a tiny little box.  If you’ve got the money and want to play it safe, this is a good option.  If you are wanting to do things on the cheap, buy a box of matches, write your name and phone number inside the box, and put it in there.  It is slightly ghetto, but it’s better than your lady calling out your giant man boner only to realize that it is actually a gift for her.  If it is a colder time of the year, you may be able to get away with putting the giant box in your coat pocket, but for the other 3 seasons of the year, you will need to come up with something that will work and not give away the goods.  Do a quick google search and see what you are able to come up with.  Some of the Etsy shops offer wooden boxes that are slim for a lower price.  I would also simply talk to your jeweler and see if they can hook you up with something that will work and not be as obvious.  You are already dropping thousands on a ring, the least they can do is throw in a tiny box so you don’t prematurely give away the goods (we’ve all been there).  The main point is to keep your cool, and plan ahead.  There are options and as with most things in life they will cost you in either time or money.  Sometimes all it will cost you is to simply ask.

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