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Ava Caroline Newborn Session

Life Made Easier…

One great thing about having a photographer come to you and photograph your baby in your own home is that you don’t have to get all gussied up and fancy looking, drive to someone’s studio and then having the session take an unknown amount of time.  This has its place, don’t get me wrong, but for convenience and that personal touch it is so nice to just get yourself ready and hang out while the photographer does his thing.  For this session of Ava Caroline, I was photographing my new niece.  She was so well behaved, and while I was getting individual shots of AC, dad was able to just relax on the couch, watch Sports Center and have a beer.  When it came time for the family shots (mom, dad, and baby), dad was more than willing to cooperate, and mom wasn’t worn out.  This is not to give dads a bad rep in general, but it just goes to show how smooth and relaxing things can be when they are done in the comfort of your own home.  Breaks could easily be taken for a diaper change or a feeding if necessary.  Thanks to a wonderful family…my sister Sarah, brother-in-law Mike, and my beautiful niece Ava Caroline.  Just being around them for a few days I know that they will make great parents.  Any parent knows that there are great sacrifices and great rewards that come with parenting.  Congratulations Leech family on the start of a new adventure.

Photo Nerds, this is for you.  For this session and the last newborn shoot I did of Eden and the Blackmor family, I rented a Canon 50mm 1.2 prime lens.  With the wide aperture I was able to allow much more light in and keep my ISO very low (100 most of the time).  It created a beautiful silky bokeh in lots of the shots of just Ava Caroline, when I was at F1.8.  Depth of field at that aperture was super shallow, so my focusing had to be quite precise.  There was little room for error.  I absolutely loved that lens and will be saving up to purchase it.


  • Sue Brenzel

    Love the pictures. Ava Caroline has a special smile that makes me think she knows something I don’t. Beautiful shots, Andrew.ReplyCancel

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