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A Dog Named Piper


Friendship is one of those rare things that when you find, you need to hold onto it for dear life. Friends can be very hard to come by and sometimes even harder to keep. We get busy, lose touch and suddenly five years pass, 10 years and then we are a completely different person. I learned a lot about friendship this past Saturday at the wedding that I helped photograph, and I learned it from a dog named Piper. Dogs have an amazing ability to sense what people are feeling and how to adapt to the way people are feeling. The best attribute a dog possesses is their fierce loyalty to humans. My dog Kenya has always been there for me when I needed him. It sounds funny right, needing a dog to help you emotionally?  But, those who own dogs and truly love them will know exactly what I’m talking about. My dog was there for me when I found out that my mom had brain cancer. I allowed myself the vulnerability of bawling my eyes out whenever no one was at the house. No one except for Kenya. Without hesitation Kenya came into the room, sat in front of me, and just let me hug him and cry on him. This is the kind of friend I need to be to others and the kind of friend that I need. As I was photographing Krista and Chip’s wedding I was reminded of that friendship. Piper the dog was there and stood by his friends Krista and Chip as they joined hands in marriage. He was ever present throughout the day without ever being annoying. Just look through the photos and see how Piper was woven into the story of the day. Piper just wanted to be a part of what was going on. So, what was my take away? Well Piper taught me the importance of loyalty within a friendship. So, think about your relationships, your friendships, your marriage, your children and think about how you can be more loyal to them by simply being there for them. By just showing up and showing them that you love them and that you care.  Congratulations Krista and Chip!!  Thanks Sarah Jacobs for the opportunity to collaborate with Soulshine Photography.


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