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A Different Perspective: From The Crows Nest


I had the privilege of getting to photograph a Biltmore Estate Front Lawn Wedding.  I was also privileged to work with two individuals that I have a great deal of respect for, Michael and Meriah Mozingo of Mozingo Photography.  Meriah was looking for someone to be up in the Biltmore House, high up to get a cool aerial perspective.  It’s a good thing I am not afraid of heights.  If you look at the photo below of the house you’ll see an American flag.  This is where I shot most of the ceremony photographs from.  It doesn’t look that high up in this shot, but trust me, it was plenty high.  Here is Danny and Gisselle’s Biltmore front lawn wedding.


Here is what the view looked like from the top of the house.  It was pretty stunning.  I almost forgot that I had a wedding to shoot.


My wife and I have annual passes to the Biltmore, and I have been there dozens of times, but to be there for this type of event was something special, almost magical.  It truly feels like a fairy tail when a beautiful lady is brought in on a horse drawn carriage to meet her prince charming.


So here is the bird’s eye view.  There were tons of birds swooping in and out and one almost nailed me right in the head.  I guess he wasn’t watching where he was going.  I was up in the crows nest for the entire ceremony so I captured the same sort of angles.  Did I mention the armed guard who had to be up there with me the entire time?  He was actually a really sweet fellow.


Sometimes I have to remind myself that I live here.  Asheville is an amazing place to call home.


I really wanted to get a good night shot of the house because under normal circumstances I would not have access to photograph the house at night time.  Thanks again to Michael and Meriah of Mozingo Photography for extending a friendly hand and allowing me to help out.  All photos shown were shot by Andrew May Photography and edited by Mozingo Photography.  If you would like to see their blog post of the entire wedding event, go check it out here and see even more amazing photos taken by an amazing photography team.


  • Sarah Leech

    These are ALL incredible!!! Love every single one of them!!! Way to go Andrew!!!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Beadle

    Beautiful work Andrew! Loved looking at these!ReplyCancel

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