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Our experience with Andrew was absolutely fantastic.  The photo shoot itself seemed much more like a hike and picnic with a family friend than it did a shoot.  And the bonus at the end of a fun day in the mountains was a full gallery of amazing photos that captured the true personality of our family.  We will definitely be recommending Andrew to our friends and family!!  On a side note, our kids fell in love with Andrew and now ask about him on a regular basis.

-Jonathan Frost

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So beautiful, you captured exactly who she is!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I am so thankful.  I won’t have her forever, but these pictures I will. I’m a mess right now. Thank you so very much.

-Lisa Lemacks

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Thank you for sharing so beautifully through your words and pictures how beautiful our day was. Chip and I are blown away by the work you did to capture our day. We can’t wait to share these with our friends and family members and refer you to everyone we can.

-Krista Albera

Asheville Photographer Andrew May Photography-5PINOmygosh, omygosh, omygosh. These are so awesome! Andrew May is the Best. Photographer. Ever.  -Stacey Dombrowski

Asheville Photographer Andrew May Photography-4PINWow, wow, wow!!! That’s all I can say. The pictures are just amazing. Thank you so much Andrew!  -Jill Earwood

Asheville Photographer Andrew May Photography-3PINI absolutely love them Andrew May!!!! Thank you so much!   -Paige Earwood (High School Senior)

Asheville Photographer Andrew May Photography-2PINIt was super special to have you there taking part in the day, and you just added so much more to the whole day, and you made it so special, it was just such a blessing to have you there.  What you have put together with the pictures and the blog that you posted, and the video, I can’t even begin to tell you, we have all just been undone by all of that.  It has been such a huge gift to our family, our friends. We cannot thank you enough.  We appreciate you so much.  You have no idea.  We are speechless.  -Leslie Green (Mother of the Bride)

Asheville Photographer Andrew May Photography-1PINThank you so much for you’re amazingness Andrew! You’re the most comfortable photographer and friend to get to know in such crazy yet perfect settings!! We love you and your sweet family!  -Catie King

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Thanks again, Andrew, for an amazing job! You are truly gifted at what you do. I had a blast working with you! I’m going to miss your commentary while taking pictures LOL.  -Damika Watley

Kuss Family Mini Teasers-4PINWhen we became pregnant with our twins I knew I wanted to do a family photo shoot to capture this time in our lives before they were born. I found Andrew while looking at a friend’s Facebook page & was instantly drawn to the pictures he had done. Andrew was so laid back & easy to work with! My husband is not a huge fan of having his picture taken, but Andrew was able to make him feel comfortable & kept offering him words of encouragement to help him get through the shoot.  Andrew’s eye for detail, space & color are incredible! I am also planning on booking our newborn photo session with Andrew once the twins arrive.  Thank you Andrew, the pictures that you took are fantastic, we couldn’t be more pleased! I know we will cherish them for many years!


The Kuss Family

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With the addition of a second child to our family, we knew we wanted to document the memories of this season. Andrew was able to capture our intent with visual poetry. His eye for color and attention to the details made for a beautiful set of photos that our family will cherish for a long time. Andrew, you were great with our children and we will definitely tell our friends about you!

– The Wax Family of Four

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Andrew did a “Lifestyle/Newborn” shoot for us after the birth of our second child, Liam. Andrew was very professional and was on “our” time or more importantly, Liam’s time, rather than on his own during the shoot. If Liam needed to nurse or be changed there was never an ounce of rush from Andrew. He wanted us to be relaxed and comfortable and I really think that came through in the photos he captured. The photos are stunning and will adorn our walls for years to come. Thank you, Andrew, for the beautiful memories we have of our precious family as we welcomed Liam into this world!


The Martin Family

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