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    I am a dad. This is my main job and I love my two little girls more than anything else. I like my bacon flaccid, the softer the better. You can't be cooking all the flavor out son. I am a husband. Marriage is hard and very rewarding. Having a family of 4, it is so important to take time for just my wife and I. I am a cusser. Yes, I cuss a lot. Don't worry I won't drop the F-Bomb when you're walking down the aisle or on your family session, but a few may slip out onto your blog post. I am a drummer. I tap and bang my way into the hearts of many. I love tennis, hiking, coffee, UFC, and Podcasts. I am Andrew May. That's all I know how to be and I am imperfect and have many strengths and flaws. I am a photographer. I taught preschool for 6 years and realized that what I really love is capturing life, moments, and relationships. My business is LGBT friendly. If photography has taught me anything, it is that relationships matter. I want to capture the relationships that mean the most to you.



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