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    I am a dad.  This is my main job and I love my two little girls to bits when they aren't driving me crazy.  I like my bacon flaccid, the softer the better.  You can't be cooking all the flavor out son.  I am a husband.  Marriage is hard and very rewarding.  Having a family of 4, it is so important to take time for just my wife and I.  I love heading to downtown Asheville with her and seeing where the evening takes us (most times it's good food, yummy beer, and tasty dessert).   I am a cusser.  Yes, I cuss a lot.  Don't worry I won't drop the F-Bomb when you're walking down the aisle or on your family session, but a few may slip out onto your blog post.  I am a drummer.  I like eccentric beats that include the toms.  I love coffee (roughly 3 cups a day), hiking, podcasts, longboarding, working out, craft beer on occasion, going for walks and UFC.  I am Andrew May.  That's all I know how to be and I am imperfect and have many strengths and flaws.  I am a photographer.  I really love capturing the connection between two humans (or more if you include little humans). I specialize in proposals, intimate weddings, elopements, and adventure sessions in the Asheville NC area. I love to travel and have photographed in Costa Rica, Mexico, Yosemite, Hawaii, (Maui and Oahu), and loads of other places.  If photography has taught me anything, it is that relationships matter and our connections to one another are what is most important.  I want to capture the relationships and connections that mean the most to you.




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